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About Keith

Growing up under the flightpath of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Keith Charlot would look up at every airplane in the sky as they flew overhead. Enamored with aircraft from a young age, Keith would either ride his bike or get his mom to drive him to airports all across Southern California to see everything from P-51 Mustangs to the latest military jet fighters. Over the years Keith became a fixture in Southern California and Arizona aviation and has worked for various commercial aircraft and warbird sales businesses and more recently been involved in jet warbird restorations. 

In 2008 Keith saw that many times rare and historic planes were flying around with no one photographing them.  Keith bought his first camera and started taking photographs. What started out as a hobby, quickly turned into a passion. In 2010 Keith had his first article with pictures published in Air Classics magazine and in 2011 he did his first Air to Air photo flight. 

Over the past decade, Keith has become one of the premier aviation photographers in the United States.  He has flown missions with the United States Armed Forces.  Keith has photographed many of the World War II fighters and bombers and over the last several years, has become the go-to photographer for the Jet Warbird community.

Keith has supplied photographs to various aviation publications in the United States, Australia, and Europe. He is also a contract photographer to the largest warbird brokering business in the world. 

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